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Nov 16, 2022 Paper Summary: Which Explanation Should I Choose? A Function Approximation Perspective to Characterizing Post hoc Explanations
Nov 3, 2022 Paper Summary: Volumetric memory network for interactive medical image segmentation
Oct 19, 2022 Paper Summary: Calibrating Segmentation Networks with Margin Based Label Smoothing
Oct 5, 2022 Paper Summary: Diffusion models beat GANs on Image Synthesis
Sep 7, 2022 Paper Summary: RadImageNet: An open radiologic deep learning research dataset for effective transfer learning
Aug 24, 2022 Paper Summary: Interpretability-guided inductive bias for deep learning based medical image
Aug 10, 2022 Paper Summary: Active learning by Feature mixing
Jun 29, 2022 Paper Summary: AMINN: Autoencoder-Based Multiple Instance Neural Network Improves Outcome Prediction in Multifocal Liver Metastases
Jun 16, 2022 Paper Summary: UNetFormer: A Unified Vision Transformer Model and Pre-Training Framework for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
Jun 1, 2022 Paper Summary: On the Fairness of Disentangled Representations
May 18, 2022 Paper Summary: Robust and generalizable visual representation learning via random convolutions
Apr 20, 2022 Paper Summary: Label fusion and training methods for reliable representation of inter-rater uncertainty
Apr 6, 2022 Paper Summary: Do Explanations Explain? Model Knows Best
Mar 23, 2022 Paper Summary: Learning Debiased and Disentangled Representations for Semantic Segmentation
Mar 9, 2022 Paper Summary: Deep Orthogonal Fusion: Multimodal Prognostic Biomarker Discovery Integrating Radiology, Pathology, Genomic, and Clinical Data
Mar 2, 2022 Paper Summary: Embracing the disharmony in medical imaging: A Simple and effective framework for domain adaptation
Feb 9, 2022 Paper Summary: Understanding and Visualizing Generalization in UNets
Jan 26, 2022 Paper Summary: Learnable Test-Time Augmentation for Source-Free Medical Image Segmentation Under Domain Shift